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This is a showcase of our great school programs.
Live and recorded video from our schools

Known for innovation and excellence, NKC Schools is a district of more than 19,500 learners located in Kansas City, Missouri’s Northland. NKC Schools is both nationally and state accredited and offers its students a wide array of academic programs. One such learning opportunity is web-based where students from the four district high schools are fully immersed in the electronic broadcast experience. For more information on, please contact Robert Hoops at

  • Storytelling

    How to tell a story with sound and pictures

  • News

    Introduction to News skills

  • Production

    Skills for Producing content for Radio and TV

  • Live Pressure management

    LifeSkills for producing a show on a time schedule


Our Broadcast team
Erica Burton
Erica Burton
Winnetonka High School Teacher – Tonka Talks on GTV, Broadcasting, Social Studies
School Phone – (816) 321-4288 YearBook twitter: Twitter:
Amanda Dolinger
Amanda Dolinger
North Kansas City High School Teacher – NTV, Broadcasting, Forensics, Theatre
School Phone – (816) 321-4490 Instagram: @nkcpurgold
Christina Geabhart
Christina Geabhart
Oak Park High School Teacher – The Axe on OPTV, N2 Sports, Broadcasting, Journalism
School Phone – (816) 321-4656 Instagram: @NorthmenNews For N2 Sports Twitter: @NorthlandNet
Janet Sobbe
Janet Sobbe
Staley High School Teacher – STTV, Broadcasting, English
School Phone – (816) 321-6175
Robert Hoops
Robert Hoops
Central Office Creative Services Coordinator
School Phone – (816) 321-4844

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